Friday, February 22, 2013

My first science project

This morning was my Science Fair Day, i had to present my science project to my friends and my lovely teachers. For the science project, I got an idea to put egg into the bottle, my dad helped me to prepare all the things such as the bottle, the matches, boil the egg and etc. And my mom was the photographer of the day, she was busy capturing all the action while i was performing on the stage with my dad.

Horaay....the presentation time was finished, i got big applause from my friends, even though the egg was not going down smoothly into the bottle, but i had courage to present the project by myself while other students were presented by their dads..... 

And i got this cute certificate from Miss Indri, my school headmaster. 

Thank You and have a lovely week end Mommies and KidsMii friends.

P.S.: The KidsMii new collections are coming, stay tuned with me on this blog. 

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