Sunday, January 13, 2013

KidsMii final preparation

         First and foremost, we sincerely apologize for the quite long updates of the KidsMii collection.
         This is because we are quite busy managing MEIN Designers Store activities and moving
         SimplyMii and KidsMii production facilities to Bandung.

         Alhamdulilah, everything is settled now, we can move ahead with the new KidsMii collection.

         As you can see, Xebi Alysa is very engaged with her design work and Mimi Alysa supports her  
         to fulfill all customers demand for KidsMii.
         So, happy Monday Dear Mommies.

Xebi Alysa trip to Bandung

         Xebi Alysa, KidsMii designer, with her Mom and Dad. She's preparing her new KidsMii
         collection at SimplyMii and KidsMii Design Center, Bandung.

         So, stay tuned Dear Mommies for the latest KidsMii collection.